Monthly Archive May 2019

Closing of the Regional Dialogue Congress on Key Issues in the Euro-Mediterranean region

23 May 2019:Closing of the Regional Dialogue Congress on Key Issues in the Euromediterranean region.


UfM shared views was organized by:#UFM #OCDE , #INJUVE  ,# CMI and# AnnaLindh

The workshops fence “Theater Dialogue”in # Alshanabi cinema

The training courses for 20 young men and women from Kasserine province between the ages of 12 and 18 years have been fenced on Sunday 12 th of May 2019. The workshop aims to develop their capacities in the mechanisms of dialogue theater with theatrical director Ayoub Jawadi and the formative artist Khawla Al-Wahishi in the cinema of Al-Shaanby As part of a peace project to prevent violent extremism.the workshops continued for eight days in which children received lecture in the fundamentals of the dialogue theater.

The Peace Project for the Prevention of Violent Extremism includes the state of Kasserine; Tunisia; Ariana; Tataouine; El Kef and Medenine; and will extend until 2021 where the project works to bring young Tunisians out of the cycle of violence and intolerance by diversifying them into several fields Including art and theater.