Daily Archive Monday August 5th, 2019

Nasamet el Mansoura festival :Ysir 3al Nsé and houssem shows

within the framework of  “SALAM” project: to prevent violent extremism in Tunisia and  in coordination with Kessra Seliena , Nasamaat el Mansoura festival Free Sight Association has organised stage shows:Houssem and Ysir 3al Nsé represented by a group of young adolescents from Kéf governorate. This artisitic  occasion has offered the opportunity for exploring and rehearsing possible actions that our young performers  can take to transform their world.The events were framed by the  theatrical artist Mr.Ayoub Jaouadi , Mrs.Khawla louhichi and Free sight association staff.August 3,2019 was a date for the representation of the first play Yssir 3al Nsé  followed by a dialogue and  interaction  between the audience and the young actors.The second play entitled Houssem has drawn attention to the struggle of our daily lives and the future of our children.Indeed,the audience is placed close to the action which provides  a feeling of intimacy and involvement.