27th of October 2017, Free Sight Association participated in ANNIVERSARY OF THE RESOLUTION 1325: WOMEN BUILDERS OF PEACE

27th of October 2017, Free Sight Association participated in ANNIVERSARY OF THE RESOLUTION 1325: WOMEN BUILDERS OF PEACE


The annual Security Council open debate on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) was held under the Presidency of France. The debate was organised on the margins of the 17th anniversary of the adoption of Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, which highlights the importance of the participation of women in an equal manner in the construction of peace, negotiation for the termination and prevention of conflicts.

Security Council report :Security Council report

26th of October 2017 : Free Sight Association iw panelist of the event titled : “Pulling the Rug from Under Our Feet: What is UNSCR 1325 Without Civil Society Freedoms that Enable Meaningful Participation?” Organized by WPP, WILPF, , Free Sight Association,Duke IHRC, WEO, AWO, Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development, , NOVACT, NGO WG WPS.

On Thursday, 26 October 2017, a side event entitled , “Pulling the Rug from Under Our Feet:What is the UNSCR 1325 Without Civil Society Freedoms?” was hosted on the margins of the 17th anniversary of United Nations Security Councik Resolution(UNSCR) 1325.The event was Hosted By the Women Peacemakers Program(WPP) and the Dutch Mission , in collaboration with Duke Law’s International Human Rights Clinic, Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Develepment,Arab Women Organisation of Jordan , NOVACT, Free Sight Association, Iraqi Al-Amal Association, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. At a time where normative support for the Women , Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda is higher than ever, the event aimed to bring attention to how securitised frameworkrs of counter-terrorism and militarism undermine women civil society and contribute to “shrinking civil society space”.The panelists and audience were invited to engage in a critical reflection on whether current civil society WPS strategies suffice to adress these new realities. A roundtable with the representatives of women-led organisations from Tunisia , Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan.This roundtable provided insights into the struggles many civil society organisations face in keeping their operations afloat.These challenges include the impact of banking regulations , which are making it increasingly difficult to receive funds timely-or at all- for donor-approved projects;donors’extensive application and reporting requirements , which make direct access to funding a challenge for many women-led organisations and the ground;the fact that international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are increasingly coming in and competing for funding or are subcontracting local groups, which undermines the building of a strong locally-owned women’s movement for peace and justice ; discriminatory banking regulations, such as not being able to open a business bank account;transparency requirements, which often puts their workers or beneficiaries at risk ; as well as increasingly restrictive NGO regulations imposed by the government, such as the requirement to budget for male companions to accompany women for work-related travel ; and general prejudice towards empowering women , which is seen as a red flag by local and national governments .

Location : Dutch Permanent Mission to the UN (TBC), Church Center- New York
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Visit of Free Sight Association at the Saint Denis Town Hall

Planning to continue collaboration between Saint Denis City Hall and Free Sight Association regarding the role of municipalities in the fight against violent extremism. February 4, 2017 at the Saint Denis Town Hall.

Visite de Free Sight Association à la Mairie de Saint Denis

The opening of the National Youth Forum on the role of youth in building local and international peace

The opening of the National Youth Forum on the role of youth in building local and international peace. The initiative of the project serves to create a space of communication between the various parties concerned by the youth of the legislative, executive, judicial, private sector and non-governmental organizations of the civil society to involve young people in the valorisation of the acquired of the youth and formulate recommendations for alternative solutions to the difficulties and shortfalls related to the needs of youth in different sectors and regions in Tunisia. The Free Sight Association implemented the activities of the Forum with the support of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in coordination with national and local youth organizations. The Association held meetings with all stakeholders of the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, the private sector and the media sector to coordinate with them The workshop brought together 164 participants and representatives; Representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Khaled Al-Hamrouni, President of the General Union of Tunisian Students, Mr. Nidal El-Khadrawi, the young Deputy of the People’s Assembly (Tunisian Parliament), Mr. Imad Ould Jibril, representative of the European Union Delegation to Tunisia, the European Union Embassy in Tunisia, journalists from various national and private media, foreign media, young people active in various youth organizations national and local levels, young employees, young unemployed students and pupils. The activities of the project consists in organizing the “National Youth Forum and its role in the construction of a local and global peace”, realized on Saturday and Sunday 07 and 08 October 2017. The participants met at the opening session of the session since 9:00. After registration, interventions began After the coffee break, the association Free Sight took the participants to the youth center “October 15” in Bizerte to begin the activities of the four workshops: “Youth and Education”, “Youth and prevention mechanisms”. violent extremism “,” Youth is interested in public affairs “,” Youth and employment ” The outcomes of the Forum and the text of the Declaration will be presented at a regional workshop for policymakers and youth organizations to strengthen the capacity of governments in the ESCWA region to respond to the needs of youth in creating Integrated Policies and Sustainable Development Policies “, United Nations House, Beirut, 30-31 October 2017.

National Youth Meeting on “Tunisian’s Declaration on youth and their role in building national and international peace” 07-08 October 2017

“Tunisia’s Declaration on Youth and its Role in Building Local and Global Peace” The National Youth Assembly “Active Youth = A Vivid and Developed Society” 07th and 08th of October, 2017 – Tunis, Tunisia.

Genderist Sfax

Genderist Sfax: training session on gender approach in local policies and advocacy mecanisms in Municipality of sfax on 21-22 october 2017