JENDOUBA: Regional Dialogue Forum

JENDOUBA: Regional Dialogue Forum

Regional Dialogue Forum, Round Table on “The role of women in development and local governance” on February 23, 2015 at UGTT headquarters in Jendouba.

KAEDAT Jendouba

Free Sight Association has organized a training session on local governance and municipal elections Jendouba as part of the project “Kaedat” to set up the leadership of young women and partnership with the Regional Association “women Rayhana Jendouba” along the 21 and 22 February 2015.*


KAEDAT Young Women Political Empowerment Program in Gabes

Young women’s political empowerment program KAEDAT today in Gabes: start of the training session on “Local governance and municipal elections” for the benefit of 30 young women from Gabes governorate



As part of the NORTHEAST REGIONAL DIALOGUE FORUM program, Free Sight Association with the European Foundation for Democracy and the French Institute of Tunis, organized a round table of dialogue on “” the role of women in the development and local governance Bizerte state “, June 5, 2016 at the headquarters of the municipality of Bizerte And so the presence of Mrs. Jaklin Pavilla Deputy Mayor of Saint-Denis, France, and representatives of organizations and national and regional administrations such as the Tunisian General Labor Union and the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Tunisian League of Human Rights

KAEDAT Ben Arous 05-06/12/2015

As part of the KAEDAT program for the political empowerment of young women, “Free Sight Association” organized a training session on “Local Governance and Municipal Elections” during 05 and 06 December 2015 to benefit 25 participants of young activists in Civil Society of Ben Arous governorate. Participatory workshops took place during the training session, and a projection of a documentary film was carried out within the framework of this program by “Young Artists Association”, one of the partner associations as well as the Union of Unemployed Graduates “and” Association Femmes Tunis Modern

KAEDAT 06/12/2015 : Film documentaire

KAEDAT 06/12/2015 : Projection d’un film documentaire sur le rôle de la municipalité dans les localités, a été réalisé spécialement pour la session de formation sur la gouvernance locale et les élections municipales au Nord, Centre, et Sud, par l’Association des Jeunes Artistes